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As well as illustrations for books and websites I have been involved in a number of very varied commissions for different businesses.


Here are some of the different styles and types of work I can offer.

A series of drawings for Shilstone House, a newly restored stately home offering a unique wedding venue. The drawings were used for wedding stationery.


I spent a few happy days sketching the house and came up with a number of different views and details of this beautiful property.

Another interesting project I took on with graphic designer Alison Mackenzie was to put together a map of our local town of Modbury incorporating businesses and places of interest for a tourist guide. This involved drawing individual buildings and features of the local area.


The result was a colourful map, which was so popular we have had several more commissions to provide maps for weddings, websites and invitations.

I design and produce greetings cards and prints which sell throughout the South West.

Explosures of Salcombe, The Bordeaux Shop, IOS, Ringrose of Modbury are all suppliers.

Logo design, pictures for stationery and websites, brochures, diagrams for instructions are all things I can do ..even illustrating on the spot at a conference (for B&Q) to help explain strategies.

Gig rowing pictures, cards and personalised commissions are a speciality.

Cards for sale at most events, on line at and on the Isles of Scilly at The Gig Rowing World Championships.

Greeting Cards - Kate West Art
Greeting Cards - Kate West Art
Greeting Cards - Kate West Art
Greeting Cards - Kate West Art
Greeting Cards - Kate West Art

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